Smart Shopping: Cash From Bad Deals

In all my articles I suggest ways to save money by shopping smartly. However, I keep getting mails from people about how they got into a bad deal and what they can do with a product purchased unwisely. They have tried returning it, but not every retailer is that courteous.

I know it’s quite disappointing to repeatedly come across the clothes in your cabinet with tags not even touched or a crockery set not used since 11 months because you don’t like the design. So what do you do with these items?

  1. Try swapping

    If you own a gift card that you hate even watching at, try to sell it or swap it on websites like, how to get cash from gift, and Here, you can list your card for free. However, you it sells, you have to pay an amount starting from $1 to some % of the cost of the gift card. And if you are fed up listening to the same DVD number of times, log on to You can swap DVD’s, CD’s, and video games for a minimum amount of $1 (shipping charges excluded).

  2. Put it up for sale

    No, you don’t really have to open a store in your loggia and start screeching the discounted prices you have tagged to the useless things you bought spending all your pocket money. There are simpler ways to sell a redundant item. Make use of websites like,, and marketplace of that will help you to sell your articles but with a cost (generally commission is some percent of the sell price). Sometimes, you are selling an article at such a low price that after paying their commission you don’t even get back the traveling expenses paid when you went to purchase the item. Ok, sell it on This is a better website (and my favorite) because it offers you the facility advertising for almost everything and anything. And it’s free.

    Another option is to sell your articles at discounted rates at any consignment store available nearby. However, they will purchase your unwanted stuffs at a very low price.

  3. Pay lesser tax

    If you are not getting any better deal, select an easier path: donate the unwanted stuff and at least get some deduction in your income tax. Sounds simple? No my friend. To get a deduction, you must be able to prove that the donated item is in proper usable condition. However, if you are donating a newly bought commodity with the tags still not detached, it is very likely that you will get a deduction. What? You removed the tags? Try step 1 or 2. Step 3 is now nothing more than a future reference for you. Wait, I guess can help you. Click some snaps of the articles before donating to prove the tax guy that it was in better condition when you gave away. Give it a shot (after a snapshot). Rejoice, if it works. If it doesn’t, weren’t you giving it away as charity?

  4. Nothing worked? Whose birthday is it tomorrow?

    It’s better to gift the unwanted stuff rather than looking at it hundred times and cursing the innocent retailer. At least, your friend (whom you gift it) would be happy, if he likes it. What if he or she doesn’t like it? Who cares? You got rid of that ugly little thing (until it comes back to you as a gift).

I know the last one is more of mentally satisfying reason rather than actually getting some benefit out of the unwanted commodity. But you can look at it this way. Your friend will gift you something on your birthday that’s useless for him, but may be useful for you. For those who are still not convinced with it, you have got 3 other ways to get some cash from the merchandise.

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