Simplest and Most Effective Money Saving Ideas

As a school kid when I’d talk about money frugality, my friends would tease me saying I was stingy. But now the recession has taught even the greatest spendthrifts amongst us to be very prudent with our money. No more is it fashionable to spend big bucks for a lavish lifestyle. In fact, these days, you’re looked upon as a fool if you do that! Everybody is talking about money saving ideas. That gives hopeless misers a chance to be proud of their ways! Isn’t it?

Here are some easy time-tested ways that have been around for quite some days now. They are simple, short and effective. If you were to go by Financial Literacy survey 2009 of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, about 45 % of people spend lesser than what they used to in the previous year. It seems when conditions will improve they’ll go back to their old spending habits.

Coupon Usage

According to the Promotion Marketing Association usage of manufacturer coupons has gone up by twenty percent this year. Coupons were widely used in the eighties and early nineties but after that, this seems to be the first time since the 90s that the usage of manufacturer-issued coupons seems to have increased. The trend seems to remain for some more time to come. Nowadays these coupons seem to be made easily accessible online not only manufacturers but retailers as well.

Bargaining Is Embarrassing No More

I observe so many people in my life who buy to impress the shopkeeper and other buyers! I was quite comfortable asking for one or two bananas from the fruit vendor, but my friend Sally has a problem. She gets embarrassed asking Bartering Is Backfor small quantities and buys about a dozen from the fruit vendor even if she actually doesn’t need so many. The trend has changed these days. Even big shops are ready to negotiate the prices as more and more customers are turning down offers to buy highly priced stuff. After all, it’s your money and you’ve got the right to spend less if you want to. You don’t have to impress the shopkeeper or your friends by buying more than you require and that too at higher prices. Just tell a retailer how much his competitor is offering a product for, and you’ll find that the retailer is negotiating amounts.

Bartering Is Back

Welcome back bartering – the age-old commodity exchange means that existed before currency has come into practitioner saving once again. There are so many websites that allow you to barter goods. Craiglist reports that the response to its bartering section has increased three folds in the current year.

Group Shopping

The recession has made people pool in money and buy things at a lower price in bulk quantities. By this, they save up the charges they’d have to spend on individual purchases.

Christmas Club Memberships

The Christmas club memberships came with a lot of benefits which is very good money saving idea. Sears and Kmart have come up with Christmas Club Memberships that are getting a good response.

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