Recession Is A Matter Of Perception After All!

When was it last that you laughed at your heart’s content? Was it five months, two months, or two weeks? Though the fading recession seems to be giving us good reasons to laugh again, the past phase has made us almost psychotic with depression. A stressful economy can depress you very much. Many of my friends have put on weight and if you go by the American Psychological Association poll you might find it hard to believe but 80 % of the people have suffered depression or failed mental health. Failed mental health, as you know, leads to a lot of physical complaints also.

I second clinical Psychologist, Deborah Serani’s opinion on this. According to this New York mental health practitioner “When our financial bedrock is shaken, not only do the numbers dwindle lower, but so, too, does our ability to cope with life issues. Maxed out credit cards, unpaid bills, and mounting cash flow problems shake up our world.” This is so true. Even though I agree that money is not everything, money is definitely ‘almost everything’. In today’s world can you think of a day without monetary transactions? When you don’t have money you feel very insecure, you depend on somebody and you’ve got to barter your freedom and self-respect, at times, when you are dependent on someone. Can there be a worse condition than poverty to agonize you mentally? Economic problems can impair your progressive thinking and build up mental and physical conditions in you. High blood pressure, tension headaches, and heart ailments can all result due to the underlying stress that a financial deficit can create.

I always believe the saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So when there is an economic crisis, how are you going to react to that? It’s easier for me to say that be brave, but I know it’s going to be tough. So what are you going to do ? Take the words of life-coach, Kathy Caprino, founder & president of Ellia Communications Inc. “Debt will wreak havoc on your physical and emotional health if you continue to beat yourself up over it.” So the most important factor for you to identify is your perception. Nothing is really a problem provided you perceive it in a positive light and deal with it accordingly.

Perception 1: What Has Led Me Into This Bad Financial Health?

Though immediately you might point your finger at the recession and though the real reason is that there might be other factors that might have led you to a financially poor state. You should look into your spending and saving habits, money management skills you money management skills and your financial literacy. Try to rectify these areas and you’ll see a lot of difference in your financial status. Take the help of financial advisors or join a money management skills course if required. Stay away from discouraging people.

Perception 2: Bid Farewell to Regressive Thoughts

The recession might be a reason for your bad financial health but don’t let this reason ride on you. Your pay might have been slashed but why should you let that bog you down? Remember, evolutionist Darwin has said that this world is all about the survival of the fittest. Learn to adapt to the changing circumstances and live life to the fullest. Adjust your savings and expenditure according to your new pay and don’t crib. After all, nothing is permanent in this world.

Perception 3: Set up Positive Goals and Work towards Themrecession

Be optimistic about your condition. Take a firm resolution that you are going to improve your financial health and set a target for that. Set realistic goals to reach that target in a specific period of time and work towards that goal with determination. You’ll see that success will be yours.

After all, nothing is impossible in this world. The difference between the possible and the impossible is the human mind and nothing else.

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